Covid sterlizing

If you’re like most businesses, making sure your establishment is able to safely serve customers can be key to the success of your business. Saaf living services offers you an easy and effective disinfection service performed by your expert Saaf living technicians.

As one of the few provincially designated essential service providers still able to service your business in most areas, we have developed an effective way to help you create a healthier environment.

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Why This Disinfectant Product?

  • The Saaf living service uses a Health registered disinfectant labeled for use against a wide variety of pathogens and included on Health  list of products that meet their criteria for use against SARS-CoV-2, the coronavirus that causes COVID-19.
  • Label assures 100% disinfection of hard, non-porous surfaces
  • Can be applied to soft surfaces as well, unlike many other disinfectants
  • Eco-friendly and lowest EPA toxicity rating
  • Our customers’ spaces will be dry and usable again within 15-30 minutes

How It Works

Trained technicians carefully wipe down all high-touch surfaces in a given location, apply a misting application using specialized equipment, and let it dry undisturbed for 10 to 15 minutes. Once the product application has dried, the label assures 100% disinfection of all bacteria and viruses on hard, non-porous surfaces.